Thursday, May 5, 2011


Well, Saturday we try out the new All-grain setup here in Rosemead. Of course, it has been decided to brew a beer that although not completely unusual, it is a little different from your average beer. Tentatively called "LUMBERJACK!!!!" (that includes the caps and exclamation points) it will be a Pale ale brewed with pine clippings, not unlike Alaska's winter warmer. But hopefully it will be unlike it, heheh.

Aiming for a Pale Ale with a slight Pine flavor, there's reportedly (aka it says on the interwebs) always a danger of over "pineing" a pine beer , so we need to figure out a way to measure the amount of pine flavor that goes into the beer. This is obviously difficult to do when you are working with actual pine clippings, but we will have to find a way. I'm thinking we might boil the clippings separately and gauge it on taste.

Everyone knows that when you brew beer, you HAVE to drink beer, and everyone knows a beer with buddies is best, which happens to also be fortuitous when you need extra hands for brewing! It's like Charles Papazian says, you have to be relaxed. Jimmothy McVeigh, our resident Brewni-Bomber, will be overseeing the proper construction of the HLT, and of course the mash tun has already been constructed by said fellow. Tomorrow I shall away to a purveyor of fine home brewing supplies for the various sundries we need.

It is the exact opposite of off, and if you say otherwise,


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