Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More bruery Anniversary pics

Here is a few more Pics that were Donated from Karson's archives and his camera for the Bruery's Anniversary. The one on the left is from last years, I believe. You can see the difference in the tasting glass right away. That was the tulip glass I was referring to in the earlier post. I wish I could have another one of those.....
This other pic is of me and Jimmy deep in some beer-planning pow-wow (probably talking about star wars or something).Heres Karson and Garrett, chillen outside of the Zep- Tent.        

 Another shot of the group minus Kenny, Chillin out side of the tent                                                                                                                                

Kenny with a cup of those chocolate chili rosated almonds........

A close of up of the nuts.

When we sat down for lunch.

The top of the Zep - Tent. Obviously German themed.
A better shot of the taster glass. Thanks for reading guys!


  1. If anyone wanted to acquire a "Tulip Glass" with the "The Bruery" Logo. I know that they sell them for $5. I also wanted to mention that last time I was there, one could purchase a tasting flight for $7 and keep the "Tulip Glass".

  2. Hey I wanna go take me. Lets go Brah.