Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bottling LUMBERJACK!!!!!

 So As you can see above, Last night I finally bottled the LUMBERJACK!!! beer. I only used Bombers because i'm lazy and washing all those bottles by myself was hard. Anyway, at the time of bottling, the gravity read 1.002, which was a little bit lower than when we racked to the secondary. According to BeerAlchemy, this gives a ABV of 9.1 percent. Since I am on a cleanse diet and not drinking alcohol at present, Jason sampled the 'Jack and indicated that it " tasted like a dark japanese beer" - whatever that means, but he did say the alcohol is definitely present. He said it was a little dry, which makes sense since we suppposedly got 97% attenuation, but I think this number is off because we lost some volume in the boil or due to evaporation.

The one thing that we have been fairly surprised at is the apparent lack of pine flavor - if you see the blog post from when we brewed it, we but a TON of pine needles in it in two different fashions. So this was interesting. Since it spent about 2 months in the secondary, it may have mellowed a bit, but not TOO much. It smelled delightful, to me at least.

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